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Welcome to TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd.
Teldor Cables & Systems continues to lead the way in quality, innovation and service, while constantly adapting its products to arising needs of the market and its customers.

Teldor's new line of DNV-GL Approved  FIRE RESISTANT Offshore Copper data cables

In response to the growing global demand for Fire Resistant copper data cables that meet or exceed the requirements of circuit integrity during fire, Teldor has developed and qualified a full line of Fire Resistant copper data cables.

Teldor once again leads the cable industry with a broad range of Fire Resistant copper data cablesproducts that cover:

  • Transmission performance: Cat. 5e to Cat. 7A
  • Conductor design: solid and stranded conductors
  • Shielding: designs with individual and/or overall shielding (braid, foil)
  • Jacket materials: Flame Retardant Low-Smoke Zero Halogen compounds for all offshore requirements (SHF-1, SHF-2, MUD resistance)
  • Armoring: served steel wire, steel braid, bronze braid, corrugated steel tapes, non-armored

Teldor's "Easy-Strip" OSP FiberOptic cables
Recent innovations in our complete line of armored, dry fiberoptic (OSP)  cables have optimized their suitability to installation methods common in long fiber links. Teldor's Easy-Strip Cables save considerable time and costs during installation and enable quick and easily connectorization. 
TELDOR - The Best Connection!